Case Study: Optimising Activated Sludge Plants for Energy Efficiency

Aqua Enviro were appointed by Eight20, to undertake energy efficiency measures on nine Thames Water activated sludge plants treating a total combined sewage flow of over 1.3 million population equivalent.

As part of the investigation, process, software and mechanical engineers attended site to identify opportunities for implementing changes for improved process operation, creating energy savings. Final effluent consents for the works included ammonia consents down to 2mg/l N and Total phosphorus of 1mg/l.

Energy saving measures recommended for implementation were costed at over £700k per year and had a payback of less than 3 years.

It was essential to establish the optimum operating mixed liquor (MLSS), optimise the dissolved oxygen control and the denitrification performance, and assess the phosphorus removal across each stage of treatment.  To achieve this our site team carried out sampling and dissolved oxygen (DO) measurements using portable probes and data loggers to compare with the installed DO instrumentation.

Recommendations to optimise the DO control and RAS control were made by implementing control strategy changes.  Site samples were taken back our in-house laboratory for analysis and jar testing to identify the optimum chemical dose for phosphorus removal.

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