Dewatering Investigation, Optimisation, Commissioning and Performance Testing

Aqua Enviro can provide a range of services regarding the investigation, commissioning, performance testing and optimisation of dewatering processes.

Please see the following toolkit of services that can be provided to support in delivery of these projects


  • Compositional analysis of the sludge: pH, DS%, VS%, Sulphide, Fe, redox and alkalinity
  • Polymer optimisation using four polymer types (including the current polymer in use onsite) at a range of dose rates to undertake capillary suction time testing (CST)
  • Lab scale dewatering using the optimum polymer dose to identify the ultimate cake and liquor quality achievable

Key findings will include the optimum polymer dose and type and the maximum achievable thickened sludge and/or dewatered cake quality. This data will also indicate whether the issues associated with dewatering are site specific or due to the properties of the sludge.


In the event of process issues or a need for further optimisation Aqua Enviro can attend site to audit and investigate the process including the following key steps:

  • Audit the process to investigate: current operational strategy, asset condition and performance
  • Determine the effects of the sludge composition on asset performance and stackability
  • Assess a range of polymers to identify the optimum type and dose rate
  • Measure the performance of the asset against the ultimate dewaterability of the sludge utilising the same polymer type and dose being applied onsite.

Key findings include immediate improvement actions and control strategy to alleviate and prevent further process issues or poor performance.

Commissioning and Performance Testing  

Aqua Enviro can support commissioning and performance testing of dewatering equipment encompassing each or all of the following services as necessary:

  • Commissioning/performance testing plan and/or Control strategy formulation
  • Diurnal and composite sampling
  • Onsite Laboratory testing
  • Interpretation of results in the event of process issues
  • Rapid reporting of results
  • Site personnel for operation and control
  • Project management


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