Process Software Modelling Services

Aqua Enviro offers process software modelling services for wastewater treatment plant design, commissioning, operational performance improvements.

We provide comprehensive support in modelling your wastewater treatment process using leading edge process modelling software BioWin.

Our services include:

  • Process design
  • Evaluation of retrofit options for upgrading
  • Process troubleshooting
  • Process optimization
  • Scenario analyses
  • Capacity rating
  • Evaluation of dynamic behaviour or variable loading
  • Control strategy evaluation
  • Operator decision-making
  • Operator training

Further reading:
Biowin modelling to develop strategies to maximise energy generation from seven of Anglian Water’s  Sludge Treatment Centres,
Smyth, M., Kabir, M., (Aqua Enviro) and Inman, D. (Anglian Water Services)

Modelling for better wastewater process

Modelling graphic of wastewater treatment works

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